Sleek, intuitive and user oriented platforms and systems making trading and portfolio management a data driven and trader friendly experience

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"No, sir, nobody can make big money on what someone else tells him to do.” ― Edwin Lefèvre, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Tools and analytics for a positive α

We do the legwork so that you can focus on your investment strategy

Market Research

Our software combs the web for the latest news affecting companies, sector and the market, mergers and acquisitions, quarterly and annual financial results and macro and microeconomic indicators to keep you abreast of changing investment conditions

Investment Strategy

Our platform helps you back-test trading strategies using both underlying securities and derivatives. Our technical, fundamental and statistical tools and associated visualisations give traders a birds eye view of the efficacy of various strategies.

Risk Analysis

Detailed analysis of portfolio risk, expected return and volatility under various macro and microeconomic circumstances. You can build and modify your portfolio based on appropriate market triggers and keep track of the health of your portfolio at all times

Platform and algorithm development services

Intuitive and user-friendly applications to bolster your business

Trading Platforms

Sleek investment and trading platforms both as web and mobile applications, developed for the modern fast-paced trading ecosystem.

Portfolio Management Systems

Portfolio Management systems with data-driven monitoring, reporting, insights, market triggers, portfolio risk analysis and much more.

Visualisation Dashboards

Intuitive charts to identify correlations, patterns and trends, heat maps to focus on opportunities instantly and graphs to compare strategies.

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The technology and strategies behind trading and investing are changing rapidly and traders and investment managers have to constantly be on their toes and have their ears to the ground to detect any changes in market conditions. We have acted as a reliable partner to several leading investment companies in helping them be alert and in tune with the rhythm of the market.

  • Solid team of experts
  • Customer focussed approach
  • Proven success over several years

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